Small Wedding & Elopement Photographer in Greensboro and Raleigh, NC

Small Wedding and Elopement Photography

I love weddings, all of them; I'm emotionally invested in your ceremony and your love story. Whether you're planning a large event, or a smaller more intimate one, I've got you covered.

I just got married to the love of my life in June 2017 and my dream wedding was a small wedding (like, definitely-under-30-people-kind-of-small-wedding). I do think everyone should document their special day, regardless of the size of the wedding. And with a smaller wedding, comes a small budget (I know, I've been there too!). For small ceremonies and elopements, I charge an hourly rate instead of a full-day rate. And because these events are so unique, I custom-build your package after chatting with you about your special day. 

I've historically photographed larger weddings, but want to make myself available for couples like myself, as I want to provide the large-wedding customer service and image quality, but with the small-wedding budget. 

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