I feel blessed...

Despite some of the challenges I've experienced this year, I always stay thankful for many things: good health, having a roof over my head, my relationship with my best friend and fiancee, John, my family, my puppy Noelle, and my wonderful friends. But this year has been extremely special in terms of my photography. After finally becoming a Triad, NC full-time resident, I was able to set down roots and open up my services to others in this area. And I don't regret it for a second. It's been such an amazing experience to get to meet every single one of you and to really connect with the beautiful couples, families, pets, models, designers, business owners and beauty professionals, and really help capture unforgettable memories. You are the reason I fell in LOVE with photography in the first place, and you're the reason I strive to be better at it every single day. Thank you for inspiring me and sharing your beautiful memories with me so I can capture them. I am forever grateful.

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving day filled with love & joy!

With Love,

Tammy Torres

Family Trip To Boone, NC

Earlier this month we took a weekend trip to Banner Elk with my family to get away from the crazy Triad heat and enjoy some nice mountain air in great company. It unfortunately rained all weekend so we weren't able to get a whole lot done outside but still tried to make the best out of the times where it would stop. The cabin we stayed at was in Banner Elk, but we went to Boone and Blowing Rock for the during-the-day activities.

While the hikes were short and the views were foggy, we were still able to enjoy the getaway and I managed to take a few pictures in the process. Nature is truly wonderful. Enjoy!  


Fashion Photography Session in Raleigh Warehouse District

I love color and when Kimmy and I were conceptualizing this photo shoot at the Raleigh Warehouse District, we wanted to bring in a LOT of it. Since Kimmy brings this fun, kind and sweet personality to any situation, we naturally landed on a candy-themed photoshoot. It was a just-for-fun project but we truly enjoyed the freedom to create images that are sure to bring some color to your day. Hope you can tell we had fun, and you enjoy these pictures!