NC State Graduation Photography | Senior Pictures


Well, things are about to get rather emotional....

In a good way, though! :) My cousin Eduardo is graduating this year from NC State University (Class of 2018, whoop whoop) and I seriously couldn't be more excited. Being one of the oldest cousins in the family, I was frequently asked to babysit, and I'm going to be real with everyone... babysitting Ed and his siblings was the BEST. THING. EVER. 

He is the kindest, most creative and sweetest person to walk the Earth - this is not open for debate. Now this ultra-talented guy is graduating from college and I'm filled with joy, pride, and old-cousin-tears, which in the end just make me EXCITED about all the great things he'll do. I am so happy for your success, and look forward to seeing your beautiful designs all over for all to enjoy - watch out, world!


♥ TT♥