Patriotic Style With Courtney Fashionista

Happy Labor Day Weekend! This is the time to pay tribute to all of the hard-working Americans whose achievements have allowed this country to be as GREAT as it truly is. It also marks the end of the summer, so I’m hoping you’re all enjoying the 3-day weekend and celebrating this wonderful country in good company.

While I wasn’t born on the mainland, I came here to build a better life for myself and was quickly overwhelmed with all the support I found. Originally from Puerto Rico, a US Territory, I moved to North Carolina in 2011 for more career and education opportunities with a plan to move back home within 2 years. The thing is, shortly after I settled down, I met the love of my life and found a home away from home that I never imagined would be so warm and welcoming.

I’ve had to work hard to get to where I am,  but with the love and support of my family, friends and my now fiancee, I quickly started calling this state my home and can’t imagine leaving anytime soon. And while it’s hard to be this far away from my parents, my sister and my childhood friends, I have many things to be grateful for that could’ve only happened in this country. This being said, I wanted to share this photo session I took 3 years ago with Courtney Fashionista, a very special lady that has supported my photography career since we met on Craigslist (yes, really!) a while back when she was first starting out the best fashion blog ever. Check her out, she’s truly amazing!

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