How To Showcase Your Pictures

Got beautiful pictures you want to display? After everyone compliments the pictures from a professional photography session you shared on social media, you'll want to make sure you can showcase these pictures at home or on-the-go. One of the nice perks of this exercise is that you can revisit these pictures time and time again without the need of a device, which makes it easier to enjoy the experience with others. Some of my favorite ways to showcase my pictures are photo books, photo calendars, canvas prints and gallery walls. 

The Benefits of Photo Books, Calendars and Other Custom Printed Goods

Photo From:  mpix

Photo From: mpix

I remember the first time I got my first photo book. I had just recently finished High School and my family gifted me an AMAZING photo book with all the pictures I had taken that year. Ten years later, every time I want to revisit some of my fondest high school memories, all I have to do is open this wonderful book of snapshots of my friends and family during that time in my life. Ever since then, I've been convinced that photo books make the best coffee table books ever. In addition to that, they're great for gifting. Did I mention already that I was a big fan of photo books? 

Some of my other go-to printing goods are calendars because each month will feature a memory you'll enjoy looking at. Mugs are also extremely fun. My mom gave me a photo mug with family pictures when I moved out of the country. To this day, it's my favorite mug in the cupboard. One thing to keep in mid is the quality of the service you choose. While your neighborhood drugstores have photo labs, my experience has shown that convenience doesn't necessarily equate to quality. If you can wait a little bit for your products to arrive, I would recommend a company such as mpix or Mixbook. Their products are AMAZING, and worth every penny. 

Photo From Pottery Barn Blog Article:  6 WAYS TO SET UP A GALLERY WALL

Photo From Pottery Barn Blog Article: 6 WAYS TO SET UP A GALLERY WALL

Decorating Your Home With Photographs

Another great way to display your images is by incorporating them into your home decor. While the prints and photo books are great for sharing, there's something special about making these pictures part of your space. After all, a good memory can always brighten up a room. There are many different ways to execute this idea: canvas wraps, photo collages, framed prints and gallery walls. Many people steer clear of gallery walls because they're time consuming, but I would encourage my customers to look at this nifty gallery wall guide from Pottery Barn so they can see that someone else already did all the planning for us, and all we need to do is pick a series of images that will really work well together. 

Need Help Putting These Ideas Together?

I am always honored to help my photography customers by coordinating and ordering products for them based on their needs. If you have a special project in mind already, but think you'll need some help from someone who has worked on these types of projects before, please get in touch and I can help you get started! I'd love to see what beautiful creations you make with the pictures from your session with me. 

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