How To Pose For Pictures

As somewhat of an introvert myself, I've struggled with feeling comfortable in front of a camera for years. However, I've decided to break this fear of the camera and learn how to pose for pictures so I am captured in a natural and comfortable way. Let's be honest, I'm not going to be America's Next Top Model anytime soon, but I can genuinely say that I now enjoy having my picture taken and want to share some of my tips with you. 

It's not THAT Scary, Really!

Maybe it's that same feeling you get when someone is staring at you, that pressure of looking your best and appearing confident when, let's be real: no one is comfortable with staring gazes. But it's different, a photographer is there to interact with you and not just observe. There shouldn't be any pressure on you having to look your best or even posed. When you hire a photographer, there is a conversation and hopefully, a connection. A silent photographer is no fun, and that is why, as the photographer, it is my job to help you feel at ease. Being conversational is a great way to establish a relationship with your photographer, so feel free to speak your mind and be open about which poses you're comfortable with and which ones fall outside of your comfort zone. Don't ever feel forced to pose a certain way and take the photographer's posing suggestions as what they are, just suggestions. 

So, How To Pose For Pictures?

During a photography session, you have to stay comfortable and confident in your own skin. Knowing yourself and what works and doesn't is always a huge bonus! In the age of selfies, we all know by now our "best angles" like the back of our hands, so share that knowledge with your photographer if you feel it will be helpful. When the camera is pointing at you, there should still be a conversation, maybe the photographer is giving you cues that you can use to forget about the whole awkwardness of the camera, or maybe the photographer will tell you a bad joke that will invariably make you chuckle (But really, why wouldn't you find my jokes funny?).  

This is a picture my friend Kiley took of me, and me proving that I'm a non-poser!

This is a picture my friend Kiley took of me, and me proving that I'm a non-poser!

Most people have time to prepare for their photography session, unless there's a photographer flash-mob, in which case I suggest you run in the opposite direction (this sounds dangerous). This means that you should pick an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in. I know this is a tough one, because we all have some articles of clothing that we think will look amazing in pictures, but if they're too tight, too loose, or restrict your ability to move, then there is no way you'll be able to achieve a relaxed look. If you're a skilled actor or model, you can definitely pretend to be comfortable in a spandex contraption, but most people aren't, so keeping your outfit comfortable is key. This goes for shoes too, ladies. The pain of walking in 6-inch heels is real for some of us, so avoid anything that will make you uneasy.

Be You!

Don't be afraid to bring your personality to the pictures. Your portrait should communicate who you are, whether it's a corporate headshot or a fun family photography session. Don't overthink things, or try to look perfect because the truth is: you ARE perfect, as long as you're YOU.  

Posing Tips For Children 

This is a tough one. Kids don't like to pose, they just want to, well, be kids... all day, every day. Although, it is a known fact that kids will accept some forms of harmless bribery such as an ice cream cone or the promise of watching cartoons past their bedtime, but this isn't your only option. Incorporating some fun activities during a family photo session is always a great way to get them engaged in the photography process. Encourage them to jump, run, play and make silly faces, and we'll be sure to have tons of smiles that will be picture-worthy. As a photographer, I will also help with cues, but the most important thing is to make the photoshoot fun for them. 

To Pose Or Not To Pose?

This is truly up to each individual. I know that the only pose I can successfully pull off is a simple smile, but other than that, I need to be at my natural state while carefully watching out for the attack of the double-chin. It's okay to try different poses in front of your mirror, and to take selfies to know what you're more comfortable with. Just don't be afraid to have some fun during your photography session, that should be your top priority.

Ready To Have Your Picture Taken?

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